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Getting Translators to Code III – Create Your Very Own AutoCorrect

In previous posts, we covered an introduction to Autohotkey, with a small script to automate steps to email many recipients, and we created a practical search script to speed up research. This time…

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Platform developed for Translators without Borders now available to corporate members

Translator T.O.

After delivering over 25 million words, the translation center used by TWB is now being offered for use by corporate members in their own work

TWB translation center “ built and maintains the ‘translation center’ platform for the humanitarian organization Translators without Borders.”

Created as a Humanitarian Tool, then Improved Organically

In the days following the Haiti earthquake of 2010, we at, together with many others in the industry, tried to help in any way we could. The Paris-based organization Translators without Borders had been overwhelmed by an unprecedented number of volunteers (many of them members). TwB requested that we create something to help them process applications. In response we built a screening tool, and it proved useful enough that TwB decided to standardize on it.

That screening center helped right away, but it began to be clear that the manual approach to project management that the organization had been using (i.e. email) was going to limit its ability to scale. We were asked (and…

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